All About Types of Tequila


Types of Tequila

There are fundamental sorts of tequila – 100% blue agave tequila and mixto. The 100% blue agave tequilas are distilled entirely from the fermented juice of the agave. A hundred% agave tequilas are required to be distilled and bottled in Mexico. If your bottle of Tequila is not truely marked as 100% blue agave, the tequila is mixto and may have been distilled from as low as 60% agave juice with different sugars. Tequila prepared from handiest agave sugars are made in Mexico, and are marked Hecho en México (made in Mexico).

Types of Tequila

Tequila is elderly in timber barrels that are extra frequently than now not crafted from oak. As tequila is aged, it becomes smoother, with a woody flavor and golden shade. Aging may also cover the agave flavor and few sorts of tequila are elderly longer than 3 to 4 years. Every distillery in Mexico is assigned a NOM quantity (which stands for Normas Official Mexicana) to show that the distiller has complied with Mexican Government standards. It also shows which organization made or bottled the tequila.

There are 4 types of tequila:

· Blanco: Blanco or Silver

Blanco tequila is a hundred% agave tequila that is not aged or treated with additives. This is the traditional tequila this is clear and obvious and fresh from the nonetheless. Blanco – additionally referred to as white or silver tequila – should be bottled without delay after the distillation process. This sort of tequila has heady scent and taste of the blue agave. It is normally sturdy and is historically enjoyed in a “caballito” or shot glass.

· Oro or Gold

Gold tequila is tequila that profits its colour via getting old in all right barrels if it is a hundred% agave. There is also gold or Oro tequila this is mellowed by way of including colours and flavorings which include caramel. This tequila is most normally used for making Margaritas.

· Reposado or Rested

This is Blanco tequila that has been rested in white alrightbarrels or vats called “pipones” for as a minimum months and as much as a yr. The growing old on okaygives Reposado a clean flavor, exciting bouquet, and a faded color. Reposado tequila continues the flavor of the blue agave and is milder to the palate. The call for for Reposado tequilas has grown significantly within the last several years. The prices have accelerated as properly. You may also want to know more about “calories in a short of tequila. “

 Types of Tequila

· Añejo or Aged

This is 100% agave, elderly tequila that has been saved in alrightat the least one year. It is largely Blanco tequila that has been elderly. This tequila is amber in shade and selections up its colour and taste from the all rightcasks in which it is aged. Añejo tequila has a one-of-a-kind taste this is picked up from the oak.


Although now not a category in itself, it is a special Añejo that sure distillers hold in very wellcasks for up to 8 years. Reserva is a number of the maximum trendy tequila within the marketplace due to its smooth and complex taste. These tequilas are also among a number of the maximum high-priced to be had.

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